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Marvel Heroes developers fired day before Thanksgiving; Servers shutting down Friday

When developing an MMO, the goal is to keep it alive as long as possible with regular new content and events but most developers know that one day the game will cease to exist. With Marvel Heroes, that time came sooner than many expected.

While the MMO released several years ago on PC, it only just came to consoles this year. Now, the cord is getting pulled on the game. Today, it was revealed to users in the official Discord that all employees working on the game at Gazillion had been fired just before the holidays. Furthermore, the game's going offline this Friday which is earlier than the December 31st date that was previously expected.

We hope that those who have been affected can find a new job quickly and hope that those who paid money for Marvel Heroes on console can seek some sort of refund, although Sony seems to be denying them in most cases.

You have until Friday, November 24th to play Marvel Heroes before it is officially killed off.

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