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Sony’s Playstation best VR 2017

Sony’s PlayStation best VR 2017

Sony Playstation VR
Why you will buy “VR” does it makes any sense?
The answer’s yes, You should try it. Those who love to play games I think they should experience this VR gaming, Its awesome to feel the game closely and have a best gaming experience ever on the set.
The PlayStation VR is surprisingly comfortable and capable, despite its limited hardware. And surprisingly, it has better games than the Rift or Vive. But it's still an expensive and risky purchase for most people.


Ever Expanding Library of Games - PlayStation is committed to continuously delivering new worlds of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStationVR.
Plug and Play - Getting into PlayStationVR couldn't be easier. Just plug the PSVR headset and your PlayStation Camera into any PlayStation4 system and you're ready to go.
Lightweight Headset Design - The PlayStationVR headset will make you forget that you are wearing one, keeping you free from distraction as you explore new gaming worlds.
Price :299$

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