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Xbox One S Review 2017

Xbox One S Review 2017

Xbox one S review
The best value in games and 4K entertainment
why you will buy Xbox one’s here are some important that you can’t control yourself to buy this product
Xbox One S
Xbox One S has over 100 exclusive games, a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and 4K video streaming.
Microsoft released an updated version name called Xbox One S, which has now become the de facto Microsoft system moving forward.Three years after the release of the original Xbox One, Microsoft released an updated version of the console, the Xbox One S,
While we're sad to see the original Xbox One sail into the sunset, the Xbox One S is smaller, runs quieter and makes the transition from HD to Ultra HD, aka 4K.
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Xbox one S price

To that end, games are upscaled to the new, higher resolution (a process which doesn't look as good as the true or 'native' 4K performance on the Xbox One X), but movies will happily make the most out of the extra pixels whether you're streaming 4K Netflix or else playing an Ultra HD Blu-ray.
Beyond 4K, the addition of HDR is also a great inclusion for the console. It's more powerful than it was when the system came out three years ago, and more spacious thanks to a larger 2 TB hard drive that can be found in many of the special editions of the console.
But analyzing Microsoft's souped-up console has given us an opportunity to reevaluate how we see the platform as a whole, the good and the bad.
In our opinion, the Xbox is the healthiest it's ever been. It's added plenty of first-party exclusives, and the new interface has made the platform even more accessible for first-time users - even if it's still not as clean or as simple as the one you'd find on Sony's PlayStation 4.
However, all of these features that we've been craving for have come with a trade-off: the new Xbox One S forgoes a standard Kinect port on the console. In order to use the Kinect, the Xbox One S requires you to pick up a USB adapter – which, to its credit, Microsoft has said it will provide free of charge to any original Xbox One owner who asks for one.

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