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Dead by daylight Xbox one (Deluxe Edition) 2018


Dead By Daylight Deluxe Edition (PS4,Xbox-one)

Developer : Behaviour

Publisher : Starbreeze

Release Date : June 20, 2017 (Console) | June 14, 
2016 (PC)

Game Story :

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror multiplayer asymmetrical game play. More or less one can say like Evolved in reverse. It resembles the slasher tropes of the Hollywood movies of late 70’s and 80’s where the role of monster hunt four survivors who are trapped in a place surrounded by big walls with two doors which are required to open for their escape. It may sounds exciting but can be menacing while you are playing. It is having much of the same concept of the Friday the 13th game which was released few days before of this.

So going into the game play, firstly four players could play the role of survivors who will be trapped in a big square like environment enclosed by big walls which seems consisting of graveyards and wreckage plants with a maniac killer or monster chasing to hunt them down. The only way of their survival is to repair and power up five generators scattered around the graveyard which will be opening two doors for their escape. The survivors can find them at the Dead by Daylight procedurally generated maps. They can find them but it is really a painful job unlike it sounds and takes a hell lot of time to come online. The survivors have to push and hold a button until the bar fills up. So for a long period of time you cannot move from one place and thus making you vulnerable and an easy pick for the killer. So starting the generator guessing no one nearby is extremely tense and makes even worse when the music starts sounding more aggressively. And there is also Quick Time Event and upon failing that the generator blows a fuse by which not only the progress goes back but also generates a sound alert for the killer in his map which will be helping him to track your current location. Moreover, if a player disturbs a crow or clatters into something it will also provide a sound alert to the killer. As a survivor one will not be having any offence to the monster. But they can evade the monster by jumping through the window or over low barriers while being chased as the killer unable to perform the same. They can also pull down objects most looks like wooden objects in front of the monster which can provide them time to run while the psychopath have to break it to come across after them. The survivors also use tall grass, trees and other objects in the graveyard to hide themselves from the monster. The survivors can also heal each other and have a third person camera view over the killer role player who is having first-person view. While playing as a survivor it suggested to play together as a team against the killer otherwise it will be really difficult.

The Killer on the other hand is much faster, taller and stronger than the survivors and above all they cannot be killed in the game. It kills by hitting by the swinging its weapon at the survivors. The game gives you option to chose among different killer character. Each killer you chose has its own characteristic and ability. So choosing one you have to strategize your game with accord to that. The goal for a killer is to kill or injure a survivor and carry its prey to hang them onto meat hooks around, where after sometime some sort of mysterious beasts arrives to feed themselves on their souls. While a player is hanging there, any other player can come and rescue him from there. But if you balance between the killer and a survivor, you will find the former has been designed much powerful in the game. It does not gives the luxury to the survivors to make mistakes. So overall it is a very dynamic game with a dreadful cat and mouse chase around the whole area until the survivor finds the escape or get killed by the Psychopath.
In the game one can unlock different items both for killers or survivors through credits which will be beneficial for them while playing. To be remembered that there is no pre rendered tutorial or training for the game. May be the creators of the game intended to engage-and-learn for the gamers. But this will take a long time to understand the game. The other problem of the game is that the visual may appear to be shuddering time to time while playing. Though it seems to be decided to make a menacing environment but sometimes it is disturbing while playing.
If one is a slasher flick fan then the game can be highly interactive experience for him. Exciting in both way while playing as the killer or survivors. Though playing as a survivor it is more challenging as they have given a very limited aspect for their survival against the killer. The main upholder of the game is the fearful environment created for the gameplay scenarios. One cannot imagine what is coming next. Ambience, thrilling background music and even the foggy visual will turn the whole thing into a terrifying environment. All will make you remember the experience of watching the 80’s Hollywood slasher flicks.

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