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Outlast 2 whistleblower game story : 2018

Outlast whistleblower game story : 2018
Release Date:25 April 2017
Outlast is a Psychological Horror Adventurous video game which has been developed and published both by Red Barrels. The game story revolves around the investigation in Mount Massive Asylum and to survive for the exposure of the mystery inside it.
In the remote mountains of Colorado there is a long abandoned Mental Hospital, Mount Massive Asylum run by Murkoff Corparation where independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into and investigates after acting on a tip from anonymous source that something newsworthy is happening inside the facility. This Miles Upshur character that the gamers need to control and make him survive in the game. From Outside it will like to be a empty mansion but after breaking into it one will encounter some fierce environment facing some deadly mutilated creatures inside the asylum from whom the gamers need to survive. These creatures are called Variants in the game and are the result of some experiment which has made them to lose their humanity. Some of them will be violent and aggressive and will be attacking you while some others will be found in passive paranoid mindset even hurting themselves. One must be notified that alike other horror games Outlast is totally weaponless game. In the lurking dark surround in which you are given to survive the only thing that has been given is a camera with first person view and night vision settings. But using the night vision mode will consume the batteries which will force the player to search for replacement battery which are scattered around the mansion. You may feel defenseless against the wild insane creatures while playing as the only ways of survival while confronting enemy will be running fleeing and hiding. Fortunately you will be given some evasive maneuvers to escape. You can also hide in the dark corners avoiding the sight of the creatures. You will be also have the scope to hide in the locker room or under the bed but still there will be a chance of drawing their attention and they will start to look for you creating an agitating environment for you. There will be also traditional jump scares and audio cues to intimate the player if enemy spotted them out. You can also record something with the camera recorder which Miles will use for future insight to guide the player. Documents and papers can also be collected which will provide the player backstory and guidance information about the asylum.
Outlast is no doubt a loud game. There is heavy usage of intimidating music as well as fearful graphic ventures have been injected to scare you and ramp up the tension that will get you jump off the chair while playing. One has to say that this is highly impressive venture from the developer Red Barrels. It may not be a masterpiece but has really marked the game as a unique standard for horror based games.
One of the best among the Psychological horror games. Only you may find sometimes things are repetitive and those make things predictable. Otherwise one can really achieve a worthwhile experience playing the game. But not for the faint hearted due to its some disturbing content. Overall I give 7 out of 10 which give it recognition as a really good game.

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