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Razer Blade now selling PC games (2018)

The Razer Blade Game Store opened up today, and it's not by any stretch of the imagination an astonishment to me: as far back as I read up on the organization's zVault technique I thought a diversion store was the following intelligent advance. While Razer's diversion store hawks the most recent and most prominent PC gaming hits, it isn't a GOG or Steam contender: rather it's more similar to an affiliate (in principle - Razer says the keys are genuine) or like the Humble Store that doles out Steam and uPlay codes for money. While you may get profound rebates on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store, the Razer Game Store likewise offers additional motivators: vouchers, zSilver, and exceptional promos. Preferably Razer needs you to first burn through cash on its zGold virtual money and utilize it to purchase recreations on the customer facing facade. The cash is utilized as a part of a wide assortment of programming and administrations, making it a sort of microtransaction-esque premium money that locks you into a particular biological community. All buys on the store will net clients virtual coin, yet you'll get more zSilver on the off chance that you purchase zGold. Purchasing amusements on the store set apart as "Razer Exclusive" will net you additional zSilver and different rewards, and zSilver would then be able to be spent to open additional recreations and promos. 

Here's what Razer had to say about the new store: 
Razer exclusive deals - Our teams have been working closely with game publishers to bring you exclusive offers on the games you love. If a game is marked as "Razer Exclusive", it'll feature a great promotion and exclusive Razer rewards - better jump on it! Razer rewards on every purchase - Keeping up with our promise to reward gamers, you'll be able to score zSilver every time you get a game on the Razer Game Store. Want more? Get double value when you buy your games using zGold. What's more, you can also receive zSilver bonuses, vouchers and hardware discounts on games marked as "Razer Exclusive" - never before gamers were rewarded this much for getting games Official authorized game keys only -Of course, working close with game publishers also means all the games sold on the Razer Game Store are fully licensed. This means our keys are directly issued by game publishers, guaranteeing their origin and validity - no grey market bs here.

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