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Epic Games soon to bring Fortnite Mobile on Android with Voice chat support

well this new feature will boost many user to play online game with the help of voice support

Epic Games soon to bring Fortnite Mobile on Android with Voice chat support.

Epic Gams after successful launching of Fortnite on ios has announced to release it for Android too. But disappointingly no specific date of launching has been announced yet. Only it has been declared through a blog post on official Fortnite blog in which they have also updated their work-on on the game.
Now talking about new additions to the game, the first thing will be the customizable HUD which is already implemented in ios last week. But the big thing will always be the voice chat which would be obviously a key feature to the console of the Fortnite game play. This will enable players to communicate with their mates while playing.
They have also updated that they will be reduce the size os installation file.
“We’ll be making overall patch sizes smaller and adding the ability to download the content in the background!” updated by Epic team.
Other features they are working on for implementing includes improved autorun function, improved stats server and stats tracking, and to improve the overall game performance and stability tweaks.
So this is definitely be a good news for Android users who were waiting for playing Fortnite Mobile. Will be definitely waiting for the release.

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